Newly insured boat cruising the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.

Boat & Personal Watercraft (PWC) Insurance 

Enjoy your boat, jetski, or waverunner, we'll handle your insurance. Offering FL, GA, and NC boat and PWC insurance coverage!

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Hop aboard the S.S. Coverage! Find out why you need Boat or PWC insurance in FL, GA, and NC.

Whether you purchased a Pontoon to take your kids out to fish on the gulf, a Sailboat as your retirement hobby, or a Jetski/WaveRunner to race through the ocean; you’ve made your dream come true! Now, you only have to do two things: enjoy your time spent on the water and keep your boat/PWC protected!

Unfortunately, boats are subject to many potentially dangerous situations. They can be damaged at the dock, when you’re towing them from your house to the lake, or out at sea. God forbid something bad like that happens, but if it does, we here at Lowi Insurance would like to be there for you. You’ve spent enough time working hard to get your boat or PWC, so let us worry about covering you for these negative situations as you enjoy life on the water!

Riding a wave runner of the coast of Florida while fully insured.

What Boat and PWC insurance can cover:

  • Medical Coverage - if you or a passenger were to get hurt aboard your boat, insurance could cover your medical bills.
  • Liability Coverage - if you were to get into an accident, insurance would pay for the damaged caused and for injuries that occur.
  • Property Coverage - if you or someone else were to damage your boat out at sea or on the dock, we would ensure you are covered.
  • Repair coverage - coverage can help pay for major repairs, so you can worry less if there is a random issue with your motor or other major pieces of equipment.
  • Emergency Coverage - takes care of the costs associated with emergency situations: tows, gas replacement, etc.
  • Personal Belonging Coverage - covers the costs of personal items associated with owning a boat, For instance, most of your fishing equipment would be covered.
  • Boat Equipment Coverage - this covers life jackets, anchors, and other accessories as well.
  • Trailer Coverage - if your trailer were to be damaged while towing your boat or PWC, your insurance would cover the costs.

Accidents and unfortunate situations are part of life. You’ve spent a lot of time and money finding the perfect boat for your weekend adventures. At Lowi Insurance we will go above and beyond to make sure you don’t have to deal with the headache and wallet-ache of a damaged boat or PWC. Give us a call today at (813) 907-3409 for your boat/PWC insurance quote!

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