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Motorcycle insurance for riders in FL, GA, and NC.

Like any other type of insurance, motorcycle insurance is there to protect you in case anything terrible were to happen to you. In this case, that “terrible” would have to happen on a motorcycle. Although we all truly hope that we never have to use our insurance, it is extremely comforting to know we have a safety net. Motorcycle insurance is very similar to car insurance, in that it mainly covers bodily injury and property damage, along with other more personalized options. These options include trip interruption coverage, collision coverage that covers the costs of helmets and other accessories, comprehensive coverage in case of theft or vandalism, and tow/labor coverage. Paying $40,000 out of pocket to cover medical bills, or to get a new Harley, is not something most of us want to do, that is why insurance is always a smart decision.

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As someone doing research on this topic, you may have found that insurance rates seem to be a bit higher for motorcyclists. The explanation for this is simple, and is one of the reasons motorcycles are so fun - they are less safe than cars! There is very little between you and the road, or a passing car; this means that the chances of something bad happening are higher, which increases the likelihood of you needing to use your insurance.

So, who needs motorcycle insurance in Florida?

New motorcycle insurance quote for rider in NC, NC.The answer, in short, is no. The state of Florida does not require an individual to possess motorcycle insurance. However, and this is where it gets tricky, you are required to meet the standards of the Financial Responsibility Law, which requires you to carry at least $10,000 in medical benefits. This can come from your health insurance policy, or you can meet the designated financial threshold. If you don’t meet either of those requirements, then you definitely need to get motorcycle insurance.

Even if you do meet the requirements of the Financial Responsibility Law, motorcycle insurance is still a very good idea. We all tend to think the worst can’t and won’t happen to us, but unfortunately, that just isn’t true. Keeping up with the bills is hard enough nowadays, adding tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt or property damage debt would be crippling. Prevent yourself from dealing with the consequences an accident would cause, and get motorcycle insurance from us at Lowi Insurance, FL's trusted insurance company.

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